True North

An amazing line of handcrafted furniture available in 25 different stains and colours with a large assortment of styles. Each piece is constructed by carpenters once you order the piece. All furniture is made in B.C. and built to last a lifetime. The beauty of tradition endures through generations. Furniture for every room of your house from beds to computer armoires to entry benches- gorgeous!



The cutest thing-a-ma-jigs ever! Its Sing-a-ma jigs! With 3 modes they can chatter, sing a song and harmonize with other sing-a-ma-jigs! Just squeeze their left hand to change modes then squeeze their tummies to make them sing. If you play with them all together you can hear them sing in harmony. Never a dull moment with the sing-a-ma-jigs- they’ve won all of our hearts here at Seahorse- and they are sure to win yours too!


BIG S little s…what starts with S?

“I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam-I-Am.”


Get your own Cat in the Hat- book or cat!

The loveable, story huggable, fuzzable Grinch!


Why Seuss… and Seahorse- of course!

Nighty night!

Each Cate and Levi natural wool puppet is a one of a kind unique animal made environmentally from reclaimed wool. They’re ADORABLE- and a perfect addition to story time!









What is bedtime without the right pj’s? Just in- Bear Cheeks- with a working flap at the back, as well as some great onsies (and bibs) for the tinier ones!

Northwest Coast First Nations and Native Art colouring and Learning books- take you to bedtime and beyond!!





Zen and the Art of Noodles

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or lounging in front of the tv, these handmade Japanese-inspired bowls are designed to fit perfectly in palm of your hand. A blend of a mug and a bowl. Your thumb fits through the hole, creating a natural grasp as you palm the bowl. Comes complete with chopsticks and instructions on how to use them!

Buddha Bowl Instructions

  • Fill bowl with nourishment.
  • Place thumb through hole.
  • Rest bowl in palm.
  • Eat or drink.
  • Repeat as necessary.
Included on Oprah’s ‘O’ list!!


Lucky Logger

What do a snowmobile, nurse a mountie, treat a beaver and a goalie have in common?

Whigby!  – the designer and producer of several iconic Canadian  symbols- as tree ornaments. All are made of powder coated steel, prescription come with a ribbon for hanging, and  are designed and made in Canada.

Speaking of Canada, we have our fair share of trees. And our fair share of loggers. Therefore we also inevitably have our fair share of loggers that smell like….loggers!  Until now!!!

 Introducing Lucky Logger soap- handmade in small batches in the Pacific Northwest and scented with natural essential oils from the forest, it will leave you wondering who is more lucky- you or the logger!


Music to your ears

We have some great news that will be music to your ears! In a rainbow of colours!!

Urban Ears are a new line of headphones that are designed in Sweden (and named after different locations in Sweden). They are available in an array of gorgeous colours and in 3 styles.

The Plattan is a perfect classic headphone – with full size on-ear construction with a and rich secluded sound in a body that folds down to the size of your fist. Great features include the Zoundplug- which allows a friend to plug in with you, store fabric cord with microphone and remote- which allows for answering your iphone, buy blackberry, HTC (and other phones) or just moving along on your play list without having to dig out your device.


Remote and Microphone are standard features on all Urban Ears headphones

The Bagis is a compact version with earplug construction for direct sound and efficient noise reduction. It also features a fabric cord with microphone and remote and the earpieces snap together (allowing them to be worn around the neck when not in use).


Swedish design, amazing sound quality, a microphone- the hills really will be alive with the sound of music- that only you can hear of course!!





Prince Rupert Raindrops now in stock!

A Prince Rupert Raindrop…

or is it a tear?

Maybe an Angel let it fall here

Take one home to keep or give away

Ten less will fall another day



Mosey Handbags-style AND substance!

How do you not love a bag that keeps you organized, discount looking great, try AND that is ethically and sustainably made?

Gadabout bag- loads of style- a lot more colours in store!

Mosey makes the fabric of their bags from recycled water bottles- so not only are the bags lightweight- they are also water resistant. Trims are low impact produced leather tanned using renewable resources and engergy. All metal is lead and nickel free.

Easily changes from handbag to back pack.

All bags come with great features like an outside leather sunglass loop, for sale headphone organizer, detachable wallet organizer and elastic key fob.

Middle compartment is full zip closure- very roomy bag- in compact size!

There are lots of organizational pockets and slots- so they keep you looking great, organized and ready to tackle the world!

Convertible bag worn as a back pack.